Technical service

For procurement – Our service include qualified consultancy we provided across the whole supply chain covering pre-sale, design, manufacturing, QA/QC and expediting, delivery, installation & commissioning and after sale support through our experienced professionals. This service aims to de-risk of Chinese equipment supply, balance quality, cost and delivery and optimize equipment/plant configuration to raise performance and profitability.

For EarthGold GLR – we provide a superior technical service through:

Onsite service – as directed by our client, we send our expert to client’s site to supervise use of EarthGold GLR to help our client get the maximum benefit from the application of our EarthGold gold leaching reagent.

Contract mode – for specific leaching process operations, especially for difficult-to-treat ore with sound grade,a client can contract our services when they have existing leaching process using cyanide and the client wants to increase output and reduce the enviromental impact then this mode is able to be applied. In contract mode, we test about 10kg sample of the ore and an additional 1-2kg of cleaned ore. Depending on the result, we then design a leaching process that may include small modifications to the existing equipemnt and processing plant.We send experts to the client’s site to supervise the execution of the designed process to ensure the agreed target is reached. We provide onsite training to ensure site peop;e can operate the process correctly. In general, this service allows the client to optimize their gold leaching process to raise output.

Financing service

Trade financing – we can provide trade financing for larger transaction and for targeted countries through methods of payment term, issuance of  a Letter of Credit L/C, export credit insurance and others.

Project financing – is provided to support turnkey projects we are involved in from the start, we provide project financing arrangement for selected project and quality client which meet the China government export supporting fund criteria. This financing mode is conducted on the basis of buyer’s credit insurance program and may take some months to implement.