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Scrubber is an autogenous rotating drum scrubber, utilizing pebbles and rocks within the feed source to fracture and disintegrate clays, agglomerates and soft oxides. The scrubber spins slowly, similar to a giant washing machine. It churns the fines and oversize and water together, vigorously breaking up the soil matrix as well as liberating the target mineral from tough clay, schist’s and rock. Disintegrated material is homogeneously slurried within the drum, whilst the autogenous load is retained within the drum by reverse flights located at the drum discharge end. Slurry and washed oversize overflows the drum discharge throat to the concentric exit trommels. This material is then passed on to the downstream process equipment which can be in various forms such as centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, jig etc.


Advantages and Characteristics
1. Designed to break up alluvial gravels, clays and sand;
2. High capacity and high scrubbing power;
3. The long drum of the scrubber retains material for longer, more vigorous washing for complete separation;
4. Thickening type steel plate for the drum;
5. Heavy duty bearing, gear and roller;
6. Wearable screen at the exit of drum for screening;
7. One high output electrical motor driving a gear system providing efficient torque;
8. Adjustable rotary speed;
9. The water with high pressure flushed the inwall of drum;
10. Can accept material up to 230mm

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