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This transformer can be widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial center, subway, airport, station, industrial and mining enterprises, oil drilling platform, platform, particularly applicable to flammable, explosive and other fire safety requirements and the harsh environment of high places. It also be used for residential, commercial street, industrial and mining enterprises and the rural power and lighting purposes.
Structure and characteristics: The use of core quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, oblique banding structure of non porous, the iron core is a multistage step type three or five joints, seams, air loss low, low noise; coil:
shrink up enamelled round copper wire, the use of high-quality QQ, oxygen free copper bar drawn flat copper coins or knot winding and, in the form of cylinder type, continuous, screw type, split type, with enough electric strength, mechanical strength and heat dissipation capability. Tank: welded together by high quality steel plate, elliptic, rectangular structure with radiating elements, using finned radiator, radiator or corrugated expansion tank, oil tank test reliable sealing in the factory, the internal and external surface by pickling, phosphating, three bottom side paint coating is leisure, corrosion resistance and beauty.

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