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The high quality HV motor we supplied is manufactured according to proven advanced technology and by our ISO9001 accredited leading HV motor manufacturer in China, it ranges from 185kW to 30,000kW, 4kV and 10kV, asynchronous, synchronous and explosion-proof AC motors to meet a variety of industrial requirements such as for large pumps, fans, compressors, grinding mills, rolling mill machinery and other equipment.
To ensure it continues to be a state-of-the-art producer of motors, we have been keeping update our technology to aim at world advanced motor technology. All operation of design, R&D, manufacturing and product testing are controlled by established ISO9001 system.
We offer outstanding technical strength, complete testing facilities and advanced production technology to meet the customer’s needs, provide high quality, excellent performance and a technologically advanced product and meet all the challenges of global competitiveness.


Six types of electric motors are available generally:

Large-sized wound rotor asynchronous motor
Large-sized vertical motor
Large-sized variable frequency adjustable speed motor
Large-sized safety-increased explosion-proof motor
Large power synchronous motor
Generator motor

No Series Product type Power range (KW)
1 Y Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor 185-10000
2 YKS Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor  185-10000
3 YKK Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor 185-8000
4 YR Wound rotor asynchronous motor 185-8000
5 YRKS Wound rotor asynchronous motor 185-10000
6 YRKK Wound rotor asynchronous motor 185-7500
7 YTM(YHP/YMPS) Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor for mill 200-2500
8 YF Asynchronous motor for blower 280-2000
9 YA Increased-safety three phase asynchronous motor 355-4500
10 YK High speed three phase asynchronous motor 800-6000
11 YLST Vertical three phase asynchronous motor 220-2800
12 YL Vertical three phase asynchronous motor 630-2500
13 YD Multispeed three phase asynchronous motor 280-2600
14 TDMK(TM) Synchronous motor, for mill 400-2600
15 T Synchronous motor 630-7000
16 TK Synchronous motor 250-5200
17 TAQW Increased-safety brushless excitation synchronous motor 550-3400
18 QF Turbine generator motor 3000-30000
19 YPT Variable frequency regulating speed synchronous motor 132-6300
20 YFM Asynchronous motor 160-1800


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