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1.High efficiency: with unique flow tracing design, pulp can flow up and down as W shape to ensure solid particles disperse in the slurry fully. Cooperated with special reagent adding device, reagent can disperse in pulp evenly and fully to increase the drug effect, thus reducing reagent consumption;
2. Low energy consumption: the agitation tank design with low energy consumption supporting tube, stirring impeller, guide plate and baffle plate. Compared with domestic general agitation tank, the electricity consumption per unit has declined 1/4-1/3;
3.Low wear: can prolong the service life of equipment effectively .under the same impeller material condition , the service life of impeller can be improved by more than six times, the service life of wear-resisting rubber can be improved by more than 10 times;
4.High strength and high degree of the pulp suspension, especially suitable for slurry mixing with the mineral density more than 3 t/m3.
5.Easy maintenance: parts easy to disassemble and maintain


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