Gold Leaching Reagent


Gold and Silver Leaching Reagent–environmentally-friendly
(Replacement of cyanide agent)

Currently 85% of gold in the world is extracted by using gold cyanide process. In order to address highly toxic pollution of cyanide, industry experts and academics globally have undertaken extensive research to find gold extraction products that do not contain cyanide. The EarthGold environmentally-friendly GLR has played a revolutionary role in precious metal leaching.

The innovative products are generally designed to suit for leaching various gold & silver ores, all the GLRs are environmentally-friendly low toxic reagents, they can replace sodium cyanide fully in gold & silver leaching process and without change original leaching process as cyanide. It is safe and environmentally friendly when compared with the use of cyanide. No hazardous chemical handling requirements.

Early EarthGold GLR was developed on the basis of lime-sulphur-synthetic plus thiourea-alkali products, over the years R&D, we have developed a new series of EarthGold EG600 compounds with different particular composition to suit for leaching not only regular gold and silver ores but also various difficult-to treat gold and silver ores, like hi-sulfur, hi-arsenic, hi-iron gold ore etc. Its higher leaching rate, quicker extraction time, lower consumption and low toxic make it to be one of the most cost effective solution to replace sodium cyanide in precious metal leaching at present. For details, Click

Want to get maximum profit? Just consult our on-site technical service, we can optimise your leaching operation to raise leaching rate, shorten leaching time and reduce reagent consumption to increase more profit. For details, Click

 EarthGold has quickly developed a reputation as the most effective gold and silver leaching solution which gives minesites a greener footprint of operation when it comes to the leaching solutions used in the recovery of gold. EarthGold is the way of the future and eliminates the use of sodium cyanide and the legacy of a contaminated site.

We are committed to offering clients confidence and assurance the EarthGold GLR is an effective leaching solution and suitable for the site’s mineral ore type. The EarthGold GLR is tailored to meet the client’s ore leaching needs.